Park and Ride – Auckland Airport

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, the simplest way to get to the airport is using your own car instead of trying to get a lift or using public transport. Park and Ride Auckland Airport provide an ideal solution to your parking requirements and at a reasonable cost.

Unlike the other car parks, the park and ride Auckland Airport is a little further away from the terminals. However, as the name suggests, park and ride (or park and fly) at Auckland provides the ride to the terminals!

As with all the other Auckland Airport parking facilities, the security is tight and has 24 hour coverage.  This includes the staff making regular security patrols, electric security fencing and a monitored alarm system. This provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your car is being kept an eye on ready for your return. There are over 700 uncovered spaces to park in. Just park up, take yourself to the cosy customer’s lounge and wait to hop on the free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes to take you to your terminal.

The benefit of being a little further away is the price of your parking as this is usually the cheapest option. So what is it likely to cost you? Using Park and Ride Auckland Airport is again cheaper if you book ahead well in advance. You can expect to pay from just $5 a day (minimum five days). If you happen to be looking for a park and cruise service, you can get this as well at $35 but you do need to book this well in advance.

If you like, you can also have your car valeted while you are away at Park and Ride Auckland Airport – so no worries if you drive through a muddy field on the way, your car will be sparkling when you return. Depending on the level of service you require, this will cost you between $20 and $120. That said, if you really have driven through the mud and your car is overly dirty, you may have to pay a bit more.

On your return, just phone to let them know you are back before going to the pick-up point. The shuttle will come and get you and take you back to park and Ride Auckland Airport. In our opinion, this service that can be found at

If you want something more, you can try the drop and fly service. Basically, you drive to the airport terminal drop off point, exchange documents with a fully insured driver who then takes your car to their, secure parking area and even give it a free wash (or more if you wish to pay extra). On your return, a quick call and they bring your car back to the terminal drop off point, exchange documents and off you go. Naturally, this costs a little more at $9 a day. There is a minimum of $20 but you can get discounts of between 8 and 15% if you stay over four days. For example, 7 days with a basic car wash will cost you around $58. You will find this service at